API Orchestration News

These are the news items I've curated in my monitoring of the API space that have some relevance to the API definition conversation and I wanted to include in my research. I'm using all of these links to better understand how the space is testing their APIs, going beyond just monitoring and understand the details of each request and response.

Title Source Visit
Microsoft previews template deployments in Azure Resource Manager (2015-04-29) venturebeat.com
Google Create Kubernetes-based VM/Docker Image Building Framework (2015-06-06) www.infoq.com
Getting Buy-In: How To Sell Puppet to Managers Developers (2015-06-09) puppetlabs.com
DocuSign API Prebuilt Integration Now Available (2015-06-11) cloud-elements.com
Cloud Elements Announces API for Data Mapping and Transformation (2015-06-11) www.programmableweb.com
Announcing Compose 1.3, Swarm 0.3 and Machine 0.3 (2015-06-22) blog.docker.com
Announcing Docker 1.7: Multi-host networking, plugins and orchestration updates (2015-06-22) blog.docker.com
Visualizations of Continuous Delivery (2015-06-24) blog.loadimpact.com
Puppet Enterprise Integrates with Red Hat Satellite (2015-06-25) puppetlabs.com
Continuous Integration and Delivery, Monitoring, and Metering with OpenShift Enterprise 3 Partners (2015-06-25) blog.openshift.com
Azure Batch Generally Available (2015-07-09) azure.microsoft.com
Using App Service Web Apps continuous deployment with GitHub organizations (2015-08-10) azure.microsoft.com
F5 Friday: DevOps Tools and F5 (2015-11-06) lorimacvittie.sys-con.com
New Templates Make Building Segments and Workflows Even Easier (2015-12-18) blog.bronto.com
Automating APIs Is a Good Thing--Some of the Time (2015-12-23) www.programmableweb.com
Continuous Delivery and Release Automation for Microservices (2016-01-19) dzone.com
Continuous Deployment With Heroku and Github (2016-01-27) dzone.com
Making life with Puppet and AWS (or other cloud services) easier (2016-02-02) puppetlabs.com
Weekly Top 10: DevOps and Microservices (2016-02-03) dzone.com
Orchestration is the Ultimate Order of (Deployment) Operations (2016-02-04) lorimacvittie.sys-con.com
How to Build Your Flow Control With the Bandwidth API (2016-02-16) www.programmableweb.com
Deploying NGINX with Ansible (2016-02-16) blog.serverdensity.com
Notifications for AWS CodeDeploy Events (2016-02-17) aws.amazon.com
Docker, Amazon EC2 and continuous builds using Jenkins (2016-02-21) www.magnolia-cms.com
Chef Launches Partner Cookbook Program to Expand DevOps-Ready Technology Ecosystem (2016-02-23) www.chef.io
Install Docker Universal Control Plane with Puppet (2016-02-24) puppetlabs.com
Top 8 Continuous Integration Tools (2016-03-01) dzone.com
Engine Yard Unveils New Public API (2016-03-07) www.programmableweb.com
Running Web API tests in your Continuous Integration pipeline (2016-03-08) restlet.com
Why Automated Tests Are Important (2016-03-08) dzone.com
Is Continuous Localization Possible for Dev Teams? (2016-03-10) www.transifex.com
Automating Like a Human (2016-03-14) pinkflamingo.helpscout.net
Kubernetes Template and Walkthrough on Skytap (2016-03-22) dzone.com
Conditional Workflows in Postman (2016-03-22) blog.getpostman.com
Devops Certifications Will Damage Devops (2016-03-23) dzone.com
Why Most Companies Are Getting Continuous Delivery Wrong (2016-03-23) dzone.com
Is DevOps Bad for Security? (2016-03-24) dzone.com
Using Puppet with Mesos (2016-03-24) puppetlabs.com
Deploying NGINX Plus for High Availability with Chef (2016-03-28) www.nginx.com
How to Detect and Automatically Revoke Unintended IAM Access with Amazon CloudWatch Events (2016-03-29) blogs.aws.amazon.com
Chef Delivery Tutorial on Learn Chef (2016-03-29) blog.chef.io
Orchestration and Choreography ? When To Use An ESB vs a Workflow Engine (2016-03-29) wso2.com
Smart Alerts for Anomaly Detection and Data Aggregations (2016-03-29) dzone.com
Chef Compliance 1.0 Release (2016-04-01) blog.chef.io
Guest Blog: Best Practices using Chef with AWS (2016-04-06) blog.chef.io
Puppet tips to know before you start automating (2016-04-07) puppet.com
Using Puppet with Mesos (2016-04-07) puppet.com
Ops love APIs: Here is Why (2016-04-07) blog.serverdensity.com
Deploying Docker Swarm with Puppet (2016-04-07) puppet.com
Patterns and Processes for Continuous Delivery of Microservices (2016-04-16) dzone.com
Welcome to the Puppet Community Slack (2016-04-18) puppet.com
Apprenda Brings Continuous Integration Pipeline to Enterprise PaaS (2016-04-19) apprenda.com
Updating CI Environments With Travis (2016-04-26) dzone.com
Continuous Delivery With Jenkins -- Part 1 (2016-04-28) dzone.com
Continuous Delivery With Jenkins -- Part 2 (2016-05-01) dzone.com
A Template System for Google Docs: Google Drive Automation and PDF Generation With Google Execution API (2016-05-03) dzone.com
Getting Started with GitLab and Shippable Continuous Integration (2016-05-05) about.gitlab.com
Automate CodeCommit and CodePipeline in AWS CloudFormation (2016-05-09) dzone.com
Get Started With Jenkins 2.0 With Docker (2016-05-12) dzone.com
Mission Pattern: Lets Create Fluent Automation APIs (2016-05-16) dzone.com
Docker and Jenkins: Orchestrating Continuous Delivery (2016-05-17) dzone.com
A Dev?s Perspective on Automation (2016-05-18) blog.bittitan.com
Automating Machine Learning Workflows (2016-05-19) blog.bigml.com
Changing the workflow at Zynx Health with Chef (2016-05-23) blog.chef.io
Enhancing Security With SDN Automation (2016-05-23) www.sdxcentral.com
Chef Server HA Beta: The best way to run Chef Server (2016-05-24) blog.chef.io
Cloud API security: How to interface with DevOps (2016-05-31) searchcloudsecurity.techtarget.com
Aligning applications with business strategy at Wells Fargo (2016-06-06) puppet.com
Warewolf V1 Release Candidate (2016-06-07) warewolf.io
Running Puppet on Container-Centric Infrastructure (2016-06-10) dzone.com
Rackspace and the Chef Partner Cookbook Program (2016-06-13) blog.chef.io
Checklists Are Prerequisites for Release Automation (2016-06-14) dzone.com
Chef Launches Habitat, New Open Source Project to Automate Applications (2016-06-14) blog.chef.io
Open Source at Docker, Part 3: The Tooling and Automation (2016-06-14) blog.docker.com
The Evolution of ETL and Continuous Integration (2016-06-15) www.talend.com
GitHub Continuous Deployment to a Raspberry Pi (2016-06-19) dzone.com
NGINX as a Reverse Proxy for Docker Swarm Clusters (2016-06-20) dzone.com
Docker 1.12: Now with Built-in Orchestration! (2016-06-20) blog.docker.com
Managing Docker Containers With Shipyard (2016-06-21) dzone.com
Docker Introduces New Orchestration Capabilities (2016-06-21) dzone.com
NGINX and Zookeeper, Dynamic Load Balancing and Deployments (2016-06-28) www.nginx.com
Automating Penetration Testing in a CI/CD Pipeline: Part 2 (2016-06-29) dzone.com
Jenkins REST API Create job (2016-06-29) stackoverflow.com
DBmaestro Releases Expanded Open API to Support Continuous Integration (2016-07-07) www.dbta.com
As Online Video Surges, Publishers Turn to Automation (2016-07-10) www.nytimes.com
Steering an Automation Platform at Wercker with Kubernetes (2016-07-15) blog.kubernetes.io
Official Consul Docker Image (2016-07-17) www.hashicorp.com
Presentation: Wheres My DevOps API? (2016-07-20) www.infoq.com
Puppet Releases Docker-Focused Features in Project Blueshift (2016-07-20) www.infoq.com
Jenkins Cluster Setup With Docker Containers (2016-07-21) dzone.com
The Ultimate Jenkins CI Resources Guide (2016-07-21) dzone.com
GitLab CI: Run jobs sequentially, in parallel or build a custom pipeline (2016-07-29) about.gitlab.com
GitHub Enterprise and Bluemix: a Foundation for Your DevOps Toolchain (2016-07-29) dzone.com
Stringify Flow Basics (2016-08-01) www.stringify.com
Introduction to Container Orchestration (2016-08-01) dzone.com
(2016-08-02) www.nginx.com
Automating Habitat With AWS CodePipeline (2016-08-04) dzone.com
Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Deployment with GitLab (2016-08-05) about.gitlab.com
Intersections: DevOps, Release Engineering, and Security (2016-08-09) dzone.com
Maturity Levels of Continuous Integration (2016-08-11) dzone.com
Tweet: RT @shamasis: Have you used the new @postmanclient newman v3 #cli yet? #api #JavaScript #nodejs https://t.co/0gn2ZOSnKR (2016-08-13) twitter.com
Using Amazon EC2 Tags to Deploy Servers with Puppet (2016-08-14) dzone.com
From Bamboo to Jenkins, 2016 means continuously integrating (2016-08-14) itknowledgeexchange.techtarget.com
Automating With Puppet: Initial setup (2016-08-16) dzone.com
Use Jenkins to List the Slowest Steps in Deployment (2016-08-17) dzone.com
Testing Your Automations Is Now Easier Than Ever (2016-08-18) www.activecampaign.com
DevOps Monitoring Is a Multi-Tool Affair (2016-08-18) dzone.com
GitHub - paypal/squbs: Akka/Spray for Large-Scale Production Deployments (2016-08-18) github.com
The Role of System Testing in Automated Infrastructure (2016-08-19) blog.smartbear.com
Jenkins Templates for AWS CloudFormation (2016-08-22) dzone.com
Containerized CI Solutions in AWS ? Part 1: Jenkins in ECS (2016-08-26) dzone.com
GitLab CI: Deployment Environments (2016-08-26) about.gitlab.com
Security Considerations for Container Orchestration (2016-08-29) blogs.adobe.com
New Restlet Studio Streamlines API DevOps Workflows (2016-08-30) restlet.com
Audit Trail Dashboard with CloudBees Jenkins Analytics (2016-09-02) www.cloudbees.com
ManoMarks/docker-swarm-visualizer: A visualizer for Docker Swarm using the Docker Remote API, Node.JS, and D3 (2016-09-02) github.com
ITOps in the Modern Ops World (2016-09-06) dzone.com
Automating with Puppet: Cron jobs and scheduled tasks (2016-09-06) puppet.com
Reasons for the Rise of DevOps (2016-09-08) dzone.com
Is DevOps a cold dead fish? (2016-09-08) blogs.ca.com
How to Validate That Your DevOps Process Is Working (2016-09-09) www.getzephyr.com
Standardizing Cron With Puppet (2016-09-12) dzone.com
How to write powerful automated API tests with Postman, Newman and Jenkins (2016-09-12) blog.getpostman.com
Devops is Coming, Are You Ready? (2016-09-13) dzone.com
Running a JMeter Test Via Jenkins Pipeline (2016-09-13) dzone.com
Is DevOps changing storage from simple to API? (2016-09-14) www.computerworld.com
Learn API DevOps from the Experts ? Design, Testing, Deployment (2016-09-15) restlet.com
Rewrite Rewind: APIs + DevOps = Better Storage Options for Devs (2016-09-16) www.ca.com
A Getting Started Guide to Setting up Jenkins (2016-09-21) dzone.com
Automate Processes, Not Relationships (2016-09-22) www.activecampaign.com
What?s New in OpenShift 3.3 ? Cluster Management (2016-09-22) blog.openshift.com
Incremental, Iterative Data Processing with Timely Dataflow (2016-09-22) acmwebvm01.acm.org
Fueling DevOps with Continuous Delivery (2016-09-22) blogs.ca.com
Orchestrating Docker Swarm With Cloudify (2016-09-23) dzone.com
Alert Aggregation: How to Keep Heads from Exploding (2016-09-27) victorops.com
Restlet Adds API Test Automation to Help DevOps Teams Collaborate (2016-09-28) restlet.com
Probing for Limits of Jenkins (2016-09-28) dzone.com
How to Start Working with the GitHub Plugin for Jenkins (2016-09-29) dzone.com
Deploying IIS and ASP.NET With Puppet (2016-10-01) dzone.com
(2016-10-03) www.nginx.com
Compose RabbitMQ now out of beta (2016-10-03) www.compose.com
Using LoopBack to Build APIs For APIs (2016-10-05) strongloop.com
Tweet: Automation is not DevOps ndash; The DevOps Collective https://t.co/zM5cAlB00l (2016-10-05) twitter.com
8 Powerful Features to Help You Use Buffer to the Fullest (2016-10-11) blog.bufferapp.com
Puppet Enterprise and Atlassian Bitbucket Pipelines (2016-10-13) puppet.com
Mechanical Turk: Research in the Crowdsourcing Age (2016-10-13) www.pewinternet.org
Why We Chose GitLab CI for our CI/CD Solution (2016-10-17) about.gitlab.com
Asynchronous APIs in Choreographed Microservices (2016-10-18) nordicapis.com
Workflow Update Brings Ability to Interact with Any Web API (2016-10-18) www.macstories.net
Integration Announcement: VictorOps and VividCortex (2016-10-31) victorops.com
CodePipeline Update ? Build Continuous Delivery Workflows for CloudFormation Stacks (2016-11-03) aws.amazon.com
Scenarios - StopLight (2016-11-05) stoplight.io
Building Docker images with Puppet (2016-11-10) puppet.com
Turning Your App into Separate Containers for Better CI/CD (2016-11-10) blog.codeship.com
Sanity Checking Your Feature Branches With a Personal CI Server (2016-12-13) dzone.com
Test Automation Best Practices (2016-12-13) dzone.com
Selecting Your Local Continuous Integration Tool (2016-12-15) dzone.com
Why We Invested in Automation and QA Early (2016-12-15) blog.rapidapi.com
Scheduling Regular Travis CI Builds With Cron Jobs (2016-12-26) dzone.com
5 Keys to API DevOps Success at Zalando: API-First in the Real World (2017-01-04) restlet.com
GitHub API Profile: Automate Your GitHub Workflow (2017-01-04) blog.rapidapi.com
How we can bring automation to life (2017-01-05) 360.here.com
Harnessing the Integration Spectrum (2017-01-05) www.tibco.com
Incorporating the Database Into the DevOps Tool Chain (2017-01-17) dzone.com
Barracuda Networks Brings DevOps Processes to IT Security (2017-01-20) www.itbusinessedge.com
Why Organizations Fail to Adopt CI and CD (2017-01-20) dzone.com
ITIL and DevOps: Differences Frameworks Working Together (2017-01-30) www.bmc.com
Writing a cron job microservice with Serverless and AWS Lambda (2017-01-30) blog.readme.io
Introducing HubCommander (2017-02-07) techblog.netflix.com
DevOps and Legacy Systems (2017-02-07) dzone.com
Migrating From Jenkins To Codeship: Testing (2017-02-07) blog.codeship.com
Docker: A Favourite in the DevOps World (2017-02-07) opensourceforu.com
Stoplight Launches Scenarios API Testing and Debugging Tool (2017-02-07) www.programmableweb.com
Migrating from Jenkins to Codeship: Organizations (2017-02-09) blog.codeship.com
Migrating from Snap CI to Codeship (2017-02-09) blog.codeship.com
CloudFormation templates make it easy to provision #StepFunctions state machines amp; coordinate microservices.… https://t.co/5ixk3mfET5 (2017-02-10) aws.amazon.com
Visual Studio Extensibility (Day 2): Deploying Visual Studio Extension on staging server and GIT via Continuous Integration (2017-02-14) www.codeproject.com
Using Workflow Automation with Pardot (2017-02-15) www.pardot.com
What Is Continuous Delivery? (2017-02-15) dzone.com
Guest post: Multi-Cloud continuous delivery using Spinnaker at Waze (2017-02-16) cloudplatform.googleblog.com
Migrating From Jenkins To Codeship: Notifications (2017-02-21) blog.codeship.com
Achieving CI and CD With Kubernetes (2017-02-22) dzone.com
Docker in Continuous Integration: Part I (2017-02-22) dzone.com
Continuous Integration – a tool developers expect (2017-02-22) about.gitlab.com
Success Story of Monitis and VictorOps Integration (2017-02-24) www.monitis.com
3 Tips for Introducing Continuous Workflows to Your Development Process (2017-03-06) about.gitlab.com
CRN Exclusive: Puppet Channel Chief On Partner-Centric Transformation And DevOps Opportunities For The Channel (2017-03-06) www.crn.com
Security considerations in a DevOps pipeline (2017-03-07) blog.cloudpassage.com
Demo – CI/CD with GitLab in action (2017-03-14) about.gitlab.com
Building the IIoT With DevOps (2017-03-14) blog.opto22.com
Streamline AMI Maintenance and Patching Using Amazon EC2 Systems Manager (2017-03-15) aws.amazon.com
U mad bro? Disaster planning for on-call (2017-03-17) victorops.com
Bitbucket Adds Pipelines (2017-03-21) dzone.com
Microservices With Continuous Delivery Using Docker and Jenkins (2017-03-22) dzone.com
DevSecOps: Embracing Automation While Letting Go of Tradition (2017-03-22) dzone.com
Preparing for Continuous Delivery (2017-03-23) dzone.com
The Anatomy of a Release Pipeline (2017-04-03) dzone.com
Continuous Delivery Tools Adds GitHub Support and My Build Notifications (2017-04-03) blogs.msdn.microsoft.com
Seegrid Expands Supervisor API to Provide Interoperability Across Automation Systems (2017-04-03) finance.yahoo.com
Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Software Market Analysis... (2017-04-04) www.openpr.com
Managing Datadog with Terraform (2017-04-07) www.datadoghq.com
Automating project creation with Google Cloud Deployment Manager (2017-04-13) cloudplatform.googleblog.com
ChatOps and DevOps Best Practices (2017-04-18) dzone.com
On Building Tools for Developers: Heroku CI (2017-04-18) blog.heroku.com
Continuous Delivery to Microsoft Azure with Docker (2017-04-19) blog.codeship.com
Running Puppet software in Docker containers (2017-04-24) puppet.com
Deploy Code to Containers From Git Automatically (2017-04-25) dzone.com
Introducing Formatter In Built.io Flow Express (2017-04-27) www.built.io
Execute Postman Collections in your continuous integration pipeline with VSTS and Newman (2017-04-27) blog.jongallant.com
Tweet: Tutorial: Continuous Integration with Codeship and Runscope API Tests https://t.co/5jvfcdq6C5 (2017-04-27) twitter.com
Scoring Continuous Integration (2017-05-02) dzone.com
Building API Scenarios Has Never Been Easier with Restlet Client (2017-05-02) restlet.com
Implementing Continuous Delivery (2017-05-03) dzone.com
Inside GitLab’s Code Review Flow (2017-05-03) about.gitlab.com
Red Hat Offers New Tools For An Automated Enterprise (2017-05-03) www.crn.com
Create a Continuous Deployment Pipeline with Node.js and Jenkins (2017-05-03) dzone.com
Take Control Of Your Workflow With Switch (2017-05-03) www.built.io
Serverless Takes DevOps to the Next Level (2017-05-03) www.infoq.com
What to Look for in a Continuous Integration Tool (2017-05-08) about.gitlab.com
The Importance Of IaaS To DevOps (2017-05-10) dyn.com
Performance Monitoring with an Incident Response Orchestration System (2017-05-11) blog.catchpoint.com
Adding CI and CD to a PHP Command Line App With Docker (2017-05-16) blog.codeship.com
Automated API testing with Jenkins : Assertible (2017-05-17) assertible.com
Pipeline Development Tools (2017-05-17) jenkins.io
Heroku CI Is Now Generally Available: Fast, Low Setup CI That’s Easy to Use (2017-05-18) blog.heroku.com
Chef Brings Its IT Automation Portfolio to the Cloud (2017-05-23) thenewstack.io
CI Workflows and Bots (2017-05-24) blog.codeship.com
ITOps, DevOps, and NoOps Explained (2017-05-30) bmcsoftware.wpengine.com
Introducing CI/CD with NGINX and NGINX Plus (2017-05-31) www.nginx.com
Developing a CI Process for Laravel with Codeship and Forge (2017-06-01) blog.codeship.com
DevOps & SecOps: The Perks of Collaboration (2017-06-01) www.darkreading.com
DevOps & SecOps: The Perks of Collaboration (2017-06-01) www.darkreading.com
Kubernetes in action: How orchestration and containers can increase uptime and resiliency (2017-06-01) azure.microsoft.com
5 Protocols For Event (2017-06-02) nordicapis.com
How to Measure the Value of Your DevOps Organization (2017-06-05) www.bmc.com
The Many Problems with Jenkins and Continuous Delivery (2017-06-05) thenewstack.io
Introducing Heroku Shield: Continuous Delivery for High Compliance Apps (2017-06-06) blog.heroku.com
Brewing in Beats: Enrich events with Docker metadata (2017-06-06) www.elastic.co
Kubernetes vs Openshift vs Tectonic: Comparing Enterprise Options (2017-06-08) medium.com
Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment, and Continuous Integration: What’s the Difference? (2017-06-11) www.bmc.com
Scenarios v3.3 Update (2017-06-12) medium.com
Atlassian Stacks up for DevOps (2017-06-13) thenewstack.io
Using GoCD API (2017-06-13) medium.com
Yipee.io Helps Corral Containers for DevOps (2017-06-14) thenewstack.io
Post Mortem: Codeship Basic Platform Build Processing Incidents (2017-06-14) blog.codeship.com
Achieving Continuous Automation with Speed and Quality as the Outcome (2017-06-14) thenewstack.io
Moving From CLI to Automation? You Have Choices. (2017-06-15) blogs.cisco.com
Twitter (2017-06-15) twitter.com
upmc (2017-06-15) github.com
HashiCorp Tools Useful for Continuous Integration (2017-06-20) blog.codeship.com
CircleCI Containerizes Build, Test and Deploy Services as Separate Components (2017-06-26) thenewstack.io
The Missing Guide to Elixir (2017-06-27) circleci.com
Digital Magic: Disney’s DevOps Transformation (2017-06-27) thenewstack.io
Kubernetes Tutorial : An API Perspective on How Kubernetes Works (2017-06-28) medium.com
Automation using GitHub Events (2017-06-29) medium.com
Kubernetes 1.7 Brings Extensibility, Security Hardening and the Network Policy API (2017-06-30) thenewstack.io
Building and Publishing a Cosmic JS Extension Using Bitbucket Pipelines (2017-07-03) medium.com
Monitor AWS CodeDeploy with Datadog (2017-07-05) www.datadoghq.com
After the Pipelines Run Dry: Thriving in a Post (2017-07-06) thenewstack.io
Security updates for multiple Jenkins plugins (2017-07-09) jenkins.io
What Is “Jobs (2017-07-09) www.bmc.com
Continuous Deployment of On (2017-07-10) blog.giantswarm.io
Developer Experience Lessons Operating a Serverless (2017-07-11) medium.com
Its All About Automation (2017-07-12) blogs.cisco.com
Be an Agent For DevOps Change (2017-07-13) www.pagerduty.com
Decentralizing Your Microservices Organization (2017-07-13) thenewstack.io
Serverless Continuous Delivery with Databricks and AWS CodePipeline (2017-07-13) databricks.com
The Most Important DevOps Metric to Measure (2017-07-13) blog.openshift.com
Indispensable, Disposable Jenkins (2017-07-16) jenkins.io
Using OpenShift Pipeline Plugin with External Jenkins (2017-07-17) blog.openshift.com
Multi (2017-07-18) circleci.com
How to Identify Major Blockers in a CI/CD Pipeline (2017-07-20) blog.codeship.com
Chasing the Perfect API Specification Workflow (2017-07-20) philsturgeon.uk
Machine learning: Why augmentation is better than automation (2017-07-20) www.ca.com
Scaling Jenkins with Kubernetes on Google Container Engine (2017-07-20) jenkins.io
Jenkins Pipelines and their dirty secrets 1. (2017-07-24) dev.to
Visual studio team service: Trigger a build using any HTTP client (2017-07-24) medium.com
Pro Tips for Better Pipeline Notifications (2017-07-25) blog.codeship.com
Announcing Heroku ChatOps for Slack (2017-07-25) blog.heroku.com
Microsoft PowerShell Support for Pipeline (2017-07-25) jenkins.io
Choosing the Right Tools for Effective DevOps (2017-07-26) www.pagerduty.com
Securing APIs in Continuous Delivery (2017-07-26) medium.com
Introducing new Enterprise (2017-07-26) medium.com
Codifying the Build and Release Process with a Pipeline Shared Library (2017-07-26) jenkins.io
Why We Broke Our Philosophical Vows to Bring You CircleCI 2.0 (2017-07-27) circleci.com
Boilerplate for API Automation using Mocha, should.js and supertest.js (2017-07-28) medium.com
The Best DevOps is NoOps (2017-07-31) medium.com
How CircleCI Processes 4.5 Million Builds Per Month (2017-07-31) circleci.com
Continuous Engineering with the Serverless Framework (2017-08-03) medium.com
How to Sell Your Team on CI/CD (2017-08-04) circleci.com
Implementing Serverless Manual Approval Steps in AWS Step Functions and Amazon API Gateway (2017-08-05) aws.amazon.com
Important security updates for multiple Jenkins plugins (2017-08-06) jenkins.io
Plugin Development Tutorials, Videos, and More (2017-08-06) jenkins.io
Visual Testing with Percy and Codeship Basic (2017-08-07) blog.codeship.com
Introducing the Jenkins Minute video series (2017-08-07) jenkins.io
Our Update Policy for Build Images (2017-08-08) circleci.com
Heroku Postgres Update: Configuration, Credentials, and CI (2017-08-08) blog.heroku.com
CI/CD with Jenkins Pipeline and Azure (2017-08-09) jenkins.io
Continuous Deployment with Nomad and Terraform (2017-08-10) www.hashicorp.com
Build Your Big Data Pipeline Using TIBCO Connectors (2017-08-11) www.tibco.com
DevOps and the Cloud: Better together (2017-08-11) www.ca.com
Serverless Web Applications with CI/CD in AWS (2017-08-12) medium.com
Keep track of GitHub issues using a Postman collection (2017-08-14) blog.getpostman.com
Kubernetes Deep Dive: API Server – Part 3a (2017-08-15) blog.openshift.com
How to Select a DevOps Friendly DNS Provider (2017-08-15) admin.dyn.com
Indispensable, Disposable Jenkins (2017-08-15) www.joyent.com
An In (2017-08-16) developer.salesforce.com
Google Chrome Puppeteer for Headless Automation (2017-08-17) laravel-news.com
ThreatConnect Introduces its Multi (2017-08-17) www.threatconnect.com
Why Event Grid is a game (2017-08-18) medium.com
Integrate API tests with Postman, Newman, and Travis CI (2017-08-22) blog.getpostman.com
The Truth About Continuous Delivery and Automation (2017-08-23) www.bmc.com
New Feature: Scheduled Publishing (2017-08-23) medium.com
It’s The Future (2017-08-24) circleci.com
AI and the continuous delivery model are the future of software development (2017-08-27) thenextweb.com
GitHub (2017-08-28) github.com
Sikka uses Postman Pro for continuous deployment and monitoring (2017-08-29) blog.getpostman.com
3 pro tips to speed up your Java (2017-08-29) medium.com
CircleCI Hacks: Validate CircleCI Config on Every Commit With a Git Hook (2017-08-30) circleci.com
The Benefits of Continuous Integration in the Cloud (2017-08-30) blog.codeship.com
Sikka uses Postman Pro for continuous deployment and monitoring – Postman Blog (2017-08-30) blog.getpostman.com
Unlocking the Power of CI/CD in a Jenkins World (2017-08-31) blog.smartbear.com
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Using APIs To Orchestrate And Distribute Data Using APIs (2018-11-14) streamdata.io

If you think there is a link I should have listed here feel free to tweet it at me, or submit as a Github issue. Even though I do this full time, I'm still a one person show, and I miss quite a bit, and depend on my network to help me know what is going on.